The AirTies Difference

We see a world where you can connect to anyone and anything electronic in your home or to your home seamlessly, securely, and control everything intuitively. We believe the wireless in home network is the critical component of the vision.

We founded the company with the vision that everything electronic in the home would be connected to the Internet and this had to be done wirelessly. We knew streaming video flawlessly would be a huge challenge. We knew home construction materials would have a dramatic impact on performance, wood and sheetrock acting like an open door, while bathroom tiles, brick and concrete acting like a steel door. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, which relies on a single Access Point (AP) from a router/gateway, we developed AirTies Managed Mesh System comprise of Mesh Extenders and AirTies Software installed in AirTies Set-top Boxes and/or service provider’s gateway to create an intelligent network that ensures consistent, high quality whole home Internet and streaming coverage. We have successfully deployed our technology to millions of consumers around the globe in partnership with leading service providers.

Bülent Çelebi

Chairman and Co-founder

The combination of the explosion of mobile devices moving throughout the home and streaming OTT/video while sticking to the first connection they made has created a worldwide Wi-Fi performance problem. We have solved this problem by taking the decision of where a mobile device connects away from the device and shift that decision to the network. We call this band and client steering.

There are many other advancements we are working on with the goal of keeping up with the top speed of the broadband service coming to the home and making it available throughout the home. We can make such a promise since we are one the few companies investing in R&D on top of chips for wireless in home networking.