Terms & Policy

This document details AirTies Wireless Networks’ (revered to throughout collectively as “we”) data privacy policy towards their customers (“you”). It was last updated 19th October 2010. AirTies Wireless Networks reserves the rights to update this policy and will inform the public of their changes by a notice on their website.The Information that We Collect Personal information is classified as information that can identify an individual. This includes name, address, email address, telephone number. Non-personal information is other information that is device related and cannot identify a person. This includes device serial numbers, MAC addresses, model numbers and software versions.

How Your Information is Collected

Your personal information is collected either from AirTies Wireless Networks’S applications or directly from the Web UI of the device. In all situations the user is aware that data is been collected and has the choice of whether to enter information or not. AirTies software attempts to update itself to ensure that it is using the latest firmware version. During this process we collect non-personal information. AirTies’ devices automatically provide AirTies with their serial number, MAC addresses and firmware version. When we receive a call from an end user, personal information about the caller and the device is collected.

How We Use Information

We use the information collected to learn how many active products are in the field, to provide improved customer service, to support products, to improve product development and for internal marketing activates.

  • When Your Personal Information is Disclosed
  • When legally binded by law enforcement officers.
  • Future mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations or sale of assets in the event of bankruptcy.
  • Personal information is used between AirTies global offices including locations outside of the United States of America and European Union.
  • Occasionally we will disclose your personal details to partner companies as part of joint projects together. AirTies will not sell your details to a third party.

Consumer Choice and Control

We will always tell you before we collect personal information and give you the option of not disclosing it. We will ask your consent before we share data with third parties for any other reasons not stated in this policy.


You can update the personal information that we hold by contacting us by phone or emailing us at dataprivacy@airties.com

We do not guarantee error-free execution of this privacy police, unintended privacy issues may occur despite our best efforts to enforce the privacy policy. We will take every reasonable action required to comply with the privacy policy and take prompt action if we learn that the policy has not been followed. We will not be liable for any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages relating to this Privacy Statement.

AirTies Quality Policy

AirTies aims at becoming the Worldwide #1 provider of technology and solutions to Broadband operators in whole home Wi-Fi solutions.

In a context of market maturity and facing world class competitors, sustainable leadership can only be achieved through uncompromising quality strategy and execution:

  • Building a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success, through the understanding of their needs and expectations
  • Enhancing the systematic research and using of best preventive practices at all levels and ensuring reliable risk management
  • Embedding the attention on quality of product, service and process as well as the ambition to excel in the areas which matter into the DNA of the organization
  • Continuously improving efficiency and sustainability in all areas ranging from customer contact, product definition, product development, order receipt, production, and shipment to after-sales support
  • Awareness of companywide quality culture with strong management commitment and involvement
  • Maintaining full complaince to regulatory and legal requirements and providing privacy of our customers
  • Ensuring the consistency, and continuously improving the satisfaction of all our stakeholders and particularly our employees
  • Establishing, applying, maintaining and continuously improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System in accordance with international management systems standards
  • Acting with the awareness of corporate social responsibility
  • Meet the requirements of interested parties and our social, environmental, regulatory, and legislative responsibilities