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"My family wants the same as everyone else - Wi-Fi that simply works for everything, all the time. There's really no alternative. But as we bring more technology into our home and stream more and more video, standard Wi-Fi can often be slow or fail completely. AirTies solves the problem. We're the most deployed Managed Mesh Wi-Fi solution for Service Providers! Here’s a bit more about how we do it."

Metin Ismail Taskin

Co-Founder and CTO

AirTies Managed Wi-Fi Solution

Traditionally, Wi-Fi signals originates only from one wireless gateway, usually provided by the service provider. It is a known fact that Wi-Fi signals weaken as they go through walls and ceilings. Consumers will most likely experience slow download speeds or even no connections when they try to access Internet. They don’t experience the broadband speed they paid for because of outdated Wi-Fi. This is causing many support calls and increased churn.

AirTies Managed Wi-Fi Solution is changing the way service providers deliver In-Home Wi-Fi to consumers. Service providers can monetize Wi-Fi as a service and create additional revenue streams. By installing the AirTies Managed Mesh System, consumers satisfaction increases and churn reduces. AirTies Remote Manager also helps manage the home network to lower the support calls and save money.

Whole Home Wi-Fi Coverage

AirTies Managed Mesh System establishes a wireless mesh network between AirTies Mesh Extenders that connect to each other without requiring any cabling between them. That way, Wi-Fi signals originate from multiple access points so that every wireless client receives a much stronger signal wherever it is, eliminating usual dead spots.

AirTies Managed Mesh System is running an intelligent routing algorithm that can calculate the best path from your wireless client to any source with fast recovery to resolve real time network changes. The system allows using alternative backhaul paths like Ethernet, MoCA or PLC to increase the over whole Wi-Fi capacity.

AirTies Mesh Software runs on multiply Wi-Fi devices including AirTies Mesh Extenders, Service Provider’s wireless gateways, and wireless set-top boxes. This way Service Providers can utilize the existing installed based hardware to support AirTies Mesh for whole home Wi-Fi coverage.

Client Connectivity Management

Wireless clients select which frequency band or access point to connect to in order to access Internet. Unfortunately, they do not always make the right decisions. This may cause the wireless client to connect to a lower speed frequency band or a farther away access point.

AirTies Mesh Software supports Client and Band steering. AirTies Client Steering technology follows your wireless clients while they are moving around and guides them to connect to the best Mesh Extender. AirTies Band Steering technology makes sure that every dual band capable client connects to 5 GHz band.

AirTies steering technology is based on industry standards, but not only. Many legacy wireless clients do not support the latest standards. To solve this, AirTies steering technology include algorithms to manage legacy clients to connect to the best Mesh Extender or frequency band. Client connectivity management is done locally and remotely using AirTies Remote Manager.

Interference & Congestion Mitigation

Wi-Fi is being used all around us, by our next door neighbors or the ones upstairs. Their Wi-Fi signal is not blocked by home walls. When next door is downloading a large file or watching video, it can reduce your Wi-Fi speed, and that happens even while using a different home gateway. Wi-Fi interference can cause slower Wi-Fi speed or interrupted service. Interference is even more frequent in an apartment building.

AirTies Interference Avoidance technology makes sure that your AirTies Managed Mesh System is using the least busy frequency channel all the time and optimizing wireless airtime, no matter if you live in an apartment building or a house. To have a larger range of frequency channels, we support DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection). This allows the use of radar and weather channels (restriction may apply per country). AirTies Managed Mesh System will seamlessly switch in real time to the best available channel without interfering with the consumer Wi-Fi experience. Interference, Congestion mitigation and channel planning is done locally in AirTies Mesh Software and remotely using AirTies Remote Manager.

Installation & Management

It’s usually a nightmare to setup a new Wi-Fi network or change the configuration of an existing one, especially for consumers who are not IT specialists. For an operator, the home network is usually a black box, especially Wi-Fi. Increasing numbers of support calls are Wi-Fi related, and the usual support response is restart the home gateway. In many cases it solves the problem for a short while, until the next call.

AirTies Managed Wi-Fi Solution provide tools, both for the operator and consumer to manage and control in-home Wi-Fi.

  • AirTies App is a consumer app which allow easy installation and management of home Wi-Fi.
  • AirTies App Pro is an installer app that provide deeper technical information for analyzing home Wi-Fi.
  • Our App SDK (Software Development Kit) can be used by the operator to create customized branded apps.
  • AirTies Remote Manager is a cloud based monitoring and control system. The system gives detailed analytics and notifications of the current in-home Wi-Fi status for real time support of issues.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Every home is special, and every consumer has a unique way to use Wi-Fi enabled clients. Most houses have common elements like walls, washrooms, tiles, pipes and more. Different housing elements create various barriers for Wi-Fi. There is also an increasing number of Wi-Fi clients in every home, some are fixed like a TV or a security camera while others are mobile like laptop or tablet. AirTies Mesh software must adapt to all these different use cases through different AirTies hardware, software versions, upgrades or fixes.

Quality is AirTies’ most important goal. To achieve the best quality possible, we are setting up a growing number of test houses. Each test house is located in a different area, and each house has a different internal design, build materials and number of floors. In each house, we have setup AirTies automated test system utilizing our in-house developed Test Control Center and Test Robot (AirBot). By using AirTies automated test system we are able to create different test scenarios to validate our quality by simulating real life test cases.