Life at AirTies

  • We are inspired by "Goodness"
  • We have prioritized talent and performance over politics and titles. AirTies is not only a lean organization but also an agile, fun and rewarding one.
  • We like originality in every level of the organization. Our life at AirTies is driven by constant innovation, challenging the norm and striving for a better future.
  • Last but not least: AirTies is our connected home.

Corporate Responsibility

We work with all of our stakeholders to do business ethically and sustainably, protect the environment and add value to the societies in which we operate. AirTies products are responsibly designed and built with a focus on low power, small footprint and recyclability. We expect accountability and mutual trust by being factual with our customers, our partners, employees, suppliers and others. We strive to maintain the highest standards of excellence in execution, transparency, honesty, legality, privacy and the prevention of harassment of any kind. We aim to treat people as we would like to be treated.